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La Colline

La Colline is an architectural masterpiece nestled in the picturesque Uluwatu, Bali, spanning 4.4 hectares of undulating terrain with a breathtaking ocean vista. The primary challenge was orchestrating a harmonious integration of architecture and topography to ensure all villas offer stunning views. A cohesive architectural language was meticulously devised, embracing the natural contours and maximizing the ocean panorama. The villas are strategically placed and designed with a subtle blend of traditional Balinese aesthetics and contemporary elements, seamlessly merging with the landscape. Each villa is adorned with expansive windows and open spaces, celebrating the views while promoting a sense of tranquillity. The masterplan features not only the villas but also auxiliary facilities such as a helicopter pad, gym, spa, paddle, and kids club, integrated thoughtfully to enhance the overall experience. The careful design of the infrastructure prioritizes accessibility and utility while maintaining aesthetic coherence. La Colline embodies an architectural vision that embraces the beauty of the Uluwatu landscape, offering a luxurious and serene living experience for its discerning residents.

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Bali, Indonesia


Land Size, 84000 m2





Villa D

Villa D