About us

Our organization is driven by purpose.

Brains on fire builds movements for causes. Our philosophy is to combine contemporary geometry and comfort living with tropical architecture growing relationships, not just transactions. We are devoted to helping companies and people discover who they are and why they exist. Because our real mission is to drive through movements, not campaigns.

Our multidisciplinary studio is established in Bali that works locally and internationally, committing to provide architecture, interior design, and master planning.

Our architects’ team works and coordinate specialist in different fields: engineers, landscaper, and MEP specialist (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) to provide a full architecture service and assist during the building construction process.

Our principal Manuele Mossoni has been experienced in years of this profession. He graduated bachelor degree in Science of Architecture in Polytechnic of Milan.

After participates in national and international competition dealing with architectural and urban design projects, he decides to open his architecture office in Bali.